Saturday, November 1

The Sensational Character Find of 2008: The Cat, Dex-star

Browsing over at Scans Daily, I saw that I've missed the emergence of the next great comic book villain. While it is established that members of the Green Lantern Corps draw their strength from willpower (and their power rings), recently other colored corps have been appearing with their own emotion-based powers. Among the most recent are the Red Lanterns, who are fueled by anger and hatred. In this week's Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns #1 we met the obvious superstar among those angry evil-doers.... The Cat, Dex-star.

The kitty, like, murdered that dude! See?

Holy crap. But, seriously, that red power ring on his tail is adorable.

The word on Dex-star from writer Geoff Johns and artist Shane Davis [via Wizard]:
We know two of the Red Lanterns, Vice and Atrocitus. Are there any others you can mention?
JOHNS: Sure. One of my favorites is somebody that Shane came up with, Dex-star. He's definitely become the most sadistic and malicious of the Red Lanterns. Hate comes from small places I guess.

DAVIS: [Laughs] Really small hearts have big hate. I wanted to be able and contribute in a way that I'm not just drawing an alien with a power ring. My goal is 10 years from now, someone will point at a Red Lantern and say, "Oh yeah. The cat, Dex-star."

Brutal and hilarious. I can only imagine the Lolcat parodies to come.

Bonus mp3: Rusted Root - Cat Turned Blue [4-19-2003]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that cat!!!

8:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dex-Star is awesome =P

9:45 PM


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