Tuesday, January 13

Jessie Kilguss - "A Little Place Behind My Eyes"

Things have been very busy lately with the holidays, travel, and the new semester, but I have found time for some new music. Among my favorites is the new album from Brooklyn's Jessie Kilguss, Nocturnal Drifter, released just last week. It's the sophomore album from Kilguss, though I haven't heard the first, and sounds to me like a nice blend of modern experimental pop by My Brightest Diamond, Jesca Hoop, etc., and the classic jazz-influenced vocals of a Joni Mitchell. "A Little Place Behind My Eyes" opens the record, and I enjoy it every time through.

Jessie Kilguss - A Little Place Behind My Eyes

Kilguss does not appear to have a full tour scheduled yet, but I'm eager for news on that front.


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