Thursday, April 23

C&T ticket giveaway: Untied States, A Fight to the Death, the Selmanaires at Fishmarket on Saturday, April 25

There's a big weekend of music at Atlanta's new venue Fishmarket coming up, and they've provided a pair of tickets to the Saturday show for a C&T reader.

On Friday night they host Athens faves Casper & the Cookies along with This Piano Plays Itself. Saturday night they have personal favorites The Selmanaires along with Untied States and A Fight to the Death. Both shows are $5 and include free booze.

If you want tix to the Saturday show, please e-mail me with "Fishmarket tix" in the subject line. I'll notify a winner on Friday night.


Anonymous Justin said...

Any reviews from someone that attended? I'd never heard of the Fishmarket until right now.

12:22 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Never been there myself. Started up after my move to Athens.

12:23 PM

Blogger Ben Grad said...

There's pictures on facebook:

And I believe was going to write up the Saturday show.

As the guy who organized the two concerts, my short reviews:

Friday night, we didn't really get a crowd until halfway through This Piano Plays Itself's set. Their sound is a bit harsh to hear in a huge concrete walled warehouse, and I actually saw two people walk halfway into Fishmarket, listen for a second, and walk out. Crowd got up to about 40 by Casper and the Cookies set, which was the most well received of the night - they have a really accessible mid-80's electronic sound that's totally danceable. Resident Patient played next, a much more mellow set, but a good way to close out the night.

Saturday night, the crowd was much larger, ranging from about 50 for Untied States set, up to 150 or so by the time The Selmanaires started. We did some work moving the stage around and adding acoustic panels to our walls between Friday and Saturday, so all the bands that played on Saturday sounded pretty much exactly what you hear through myspace/live shows. My favorite set of the night was A Fight to the Death, because I'm a sucker for Mark's drums and pretty much anyone on lap steel. But I think the crowd favorite was The Selmanaires, who played a lot more "tropical" than I remember from seeing them about a year ago. Some fire dancers and hula hoopers came in right at the start of The Selmanaires set, and seeing the crowd go wild, everyone dancing like you wouldn't believe along with a whole bunch of circus people, was the highlight of last week for me.

11:52 AM

Anonymous Melissa said...

I went Saturday night (I'm the one who won the free tickets :). Ben, I didn't hear Friday so I don't have a way to compare, but the sound was really good Saturday night. It was nice to be so close to the bands as they were performing (as well as socializing with them in the house party atmosphere). More intimate settings are always good! I didn't get to hear Untied States, but Fight to the Death was great! As for the Selmanaires--I have to say I do like the new stuff--really enjoyed their set.

1:16 PM


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