Thursday, February 2

63 Crayons

Yep, that's right. 63. One crayon short of a box? No big deal. Probably just lost something lame like periwinkle or burnt sienna anyway. Either way, 63 Crayons is a nifty little band from Athens, Georgia. Their music is pure indie pop -- hooks, melodies, and toe-tap-inducing beats abound. There are also xylophones, glockenspiels, and the occassional female vocal. Yippy skippy.

Like a number of Athens bands of recent vintage, they offer '60s-flavored pop of various sorts -- straight-ahead fuzzy rockers as well as pop songs infused with enough bah bah bah's and la la la's to please even the fuzzy bunnies crowd. If you dig bands like Of Montreal, The Happy Bullets, The Boy Least Likely To, or Architecture in Helsinki then this is probably for you. If not, come back to C&T on Death Metal Tuesdays.*

A selection of tracks from their 2004 album, Good People, on Athens-based Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records:

63 Crayons - Go Now April
63 Crayons - Mrs. Brewster
63 Crayons - It's About Time!
63 Crayons - Rocketship

You can buy the CD from No Karma for only $7! That's a bargain, yo. It's also available via AthensMusic.Net.

Visit their homepage for an additional track. You can also visit them on MySpace.

Also... if anybody can hook me up with a source to get their 2002 EP, it would be fantabulous.

*No, C&T will not actually host Death Metal Tuesdays. However, Disco Wednesdays are still under consideration.

Oh, and Stereogum linked to an awesome Brokeback Mountain parody featuring our old pals Marty McFly and Doc Brown. I just saw BBM last night (finally) so I found this really amusing. It's worth the 2 minutes and 11 seconds. You're not chicken, are you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great looking blog! Thanks for the great tracks as well.

8:59 PM

Anonymous The Attorneys said...

The Brokeback mountain parody was hilarious :)

1:30 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Update: Got the EP ordered! $7 from the label. Woohoo.

1:39 AM


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