Tuesday, February 28

Loose Fur and I Am the World Trade Center videos

The first video by the Tweedy-O'Rourke-Kotche project Loose Fur has been released by Drag City. It's for the song "Hey Chicken" and has a bizarre Power Ranger theme. Uh... ok. Hit the "play" button below to initiate the moving pictures:

In addition, Athens electro-dance-pop band I am the World Trade Center was nice enough to send out a bulletin tonight noting that they'd discovered their video for "Metro" on YouTube. It's from their 2001 release, Out of the Loop, on Kindercore. Amy and Dan sure are swell, and so is YouTube. Watch by clicking the "play" button below:

Visit their official site or their MySpace for more tunes and info.

More streaming YouTube fun:

Air - Sexy Boy
Lucas - Lucas with the Lid Off
Beck - Deadweight


All Things Go has an interview with Ben from Heypenny. Go. Read. Learn.

Bonus hilarity:
William Shatner and Stewie Griffin do Elton John's "Rocket Man." If you haven't seen this, go now. Watch Shatner's first. Seriously.


Blogger Lizzy said...

Seriously, who doesn't love Shatner? He's great in Boston Legal.

3:34 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I just bought that Lucas CD for $.75 online. I hadn't heard that song in a good 10 years.

3:53 PM


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