Tuesday, March 21

The Clutters

A band rockin' Nashville these days is a quartet known as The Clutters. They describe their sound as "too messy for polite company, but too fun to keep to yourself." Well, you can see that at least the latter part rings true. Their current album is titled T&C (2005), which an astute reader will recognize is C&T in reverse (ahem), and is available from Chicken Ranch Records. Paste's review of the album noted that "most impressive is the sense one gets that this band is simply doing what it wants to do, and doing it in a city that plays host to lightly fluffed pop and glossy production." The Clutters' sound is distinguished from most of its garage rock counterparts by the presence of a Farfisa organ, surely a rarity among such straight-ahead rock acts. I'm really looking forward to their May 26 show in Nashville; they're on the same bill as both Ghostfinger and How I Became the Bomb at the Exit/In. Hell yes.

The Clutters - Clash City Girl
The Clutters - I Wanna Live
The Clutters - Oh!
The Clutters - Calling Her Name
The Clutters - Are You Ready for the Country [Neil Young cover]

For more information, tunes, and tour dates see their MySpace page or official site.

You can order The Clutters' T&C from Chicken Ranch Records. They also have a 7" release available from Wrecked 'Em Records.

On a side note, I'm also guest blogging at MyExBestFriend right now, so you can stop in there to see what else I've been up to. There will be a fair bit of cross-posting, but I'll try to get some original material up there too. We'll see what time permits.


Blogger Bawston Sean said...

HELLS YA! For an ATLien you sure have your finger on the pulse of Trashville!!! Keep up the good work!!!

6:51 PM

Blogger christine said...

whoa now! crazy neil young cover!

7:24 AM

Anonymous Eric Murphy said...

Not bad, not particularly good; probably sounds better when you're standing in front of their live speakers fucked out of your brain on Wild Turkey. Sadly, in recorded form, they sound like just another modern "garage" band. It's amazing how clean and homogenised this supposedly dirty music is beginning to sound.

6:32 AM

Blogger Rich said...

So eric, you more a Black Lips fan then?

9:19 AM

Anonymous Mike D. said...

Eric doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about... pistols at dawn....

2:31 AM

Blogger Rich said...


3:01 AM


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