Tuesday, April 18

WRAS fundraiser / The Brunettes / Tin Cup Prophette

I know the last few posts have been directed more toward the national audience, but I wanted to take this opportunity to bring some events to the attention of Atlanta readers:

This Saturday, April 22, WRAS is having a fundraiser at Eyedrum. For those who don't know, WRAS is the terrific radio station of Georgia State University (88.5 FM). Headlining the event are The Brunettes, a fun twee band from New Zealand that opened for The Shins at Variety Playhouse about a year ago. The Brunettes play cute, quirky pop with boy-girl vocals from Jonathan Bree and Heather Mansfield. This stuff is sweeter than candy, folks. They also recently signed on with Sub Pop Records. On top of that, they're just adorable.

Here are a few songs by The Brunettes for your listening pleasure:

The Brunettes - Loopy Loopy Love
The Brunettes - The Record Store
The Brunettes - Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks

Be their friend on MySpace.

Also tonight, Tuesday, Tin Cup Prophette is playing at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta.

Tin Cup Prophette is the project of Amanda Kapousouz, an Athens-based singer-songwriter (for lack of better description) who I've been seeing guest with various acts for years. Foremost among those has been Charleston art-rock darlings Jump, Little Children and Athens' own Bain Mattox. Amanda primarily plays violin and sings; I'm excited to finally be seeing her fronting her own band. As for her sound, think Portishead with occassional (and lovely) forays into Irish music. My understanding is that Tin Cup Prophette will be playing at 8:30 (opening for Goat), so come down early.

I plan to pick up her CD's tonight, but at the moment don't have any of her material to offer for download. However, here is a track I taped a couple years ago when she sat in with Jay Clifford (of Jump, Little Children) and sang lead on a song:

Jay Clifford & Amanda Kapousouz - Do You Love an Apple? [live 6-6-2003 @ Eddie's Attic]

Check her out on MySpace.

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that the levels were very low on the Jay & Amanda song. I've fixed it and uploaded a replacement. Do check it out, it's a lovely tune.


Anonymous Tony Tone Toni said...

The only stuff I've heard by the extruders is pretty fly.

8:58 AM

Anonymous tuozteke said...

I heard WRAS play a song by the brunettes that they claimed was "holding hands, feeding ducks" and it sounded totally different than the "holding hands, feeding ducks" you have up.

9:02 AM

Anonymous tuotxeke said...

dude, i think i'm an idiot.

9:05 AM

Blogger Tessa said...

I love Amanda. How many bands is she in right now? Damn I wish I could hit this show up too but it's just not possible to show-hop so close without a car. :( I'm requesting a review of it!

6:32 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Tessa! Why didn't you let me know sooner? I'd have happily given you a ride. Just got home from the show. :)

11:23 PM


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