Monday, April 10

Guns N' Roses - Buenos Aires, July 16, 1993

Because there appears to be demand, today I'm sharing more Guns N' Roses. Specifically these are a half-dozen acoustic tracks from the band's July 16, 1993, show at the Estadio de River Plate in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was the next-to-last show with the classic Gn'R lineup before the band was gutted and its members went their separate ways. This is not the full show (far from it, actually) but this selection of tunes includes some classic originals and covers.

Guns N' Roses
July 16, 1993
Estadio de River Plate
Buenos Aires, Argentina

1. Dead Flowers [Rolling Stones cover]
2. You Ain't the First
3. You're Crazy
4. Used To Love Her
5. Patience/Imagine [John Lennon cover]
6. Knockin' On Heaven's Door [Bob Dylan cover]

Just how great a song is "Dead Flowers"? If you have more cover versions, I'd love it if you'd share them. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Oh, and Lennon fans don't get your hopes up about "Imagine" here. It's just a little instrumental interlude during "Patience."


To Die by Your Side has an mp3 of Hole covering "Paradise City." Courtney sorta disses Gn'R at the end, but she's out of her damn mind anyway. Grab it there.


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