Saturday, July 1

C&T Double Feature: Steven Seagal & David Hasselhoff

So I continue to be fascinated by Steven Seagal's venture into the musical world. Believe it or not, I've managed to dig up a video of his on YouTube. It's surprisingly... ok. Here's Steven Seagal performing "Girl It's Alright":


In addition, and because I couldn't help myself, here is David Hasselhoff's shockingly bad cover of the '70s classic "Hooked on a Feeling" made famous by Blue Swede. I know this has been all over the Internet, but just in case...

That's one for the ages, folks.

UPDATE: More actors-turned-singers showing their stuff can be seen here.


Anonymous james said...

hah, you are right. considering my expectations that was shockingly mediocre. sort of an amy tan adaptation set to dulcet lounge tunes :-)

oh and thanks for the hasselhoff. exactly what i needed to cheer me up after that miserable england match.

ooga chakka indeed.

2:22 PM


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