Wednesday, June 28

Sufjan coming to ATL

Word just in from Alex W. with OK Productions... Sufjan Stevens will be coming to the Fox Theater in Atlanta on September 20. My Brightest Diamond to support.


Sufjan Stevens - The Henney Buggy Band
My Brightest Diamond - Disappear


Blogger Paul said...

wow this is great news, thanks for the heads up. I'm loving everything i've heard so far from My Brightest Diamond, so that's just extra for me.

12:58 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Paul, love the Domokun.

1:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's already at the Fox? I remember when he played solo at the Echo maybe 2 years ago, not that many people were there. He really needs a band for his sound..

1:16 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Saw him last fall when he stopped in Athens and he actually had a large band. Don't know how many players, but they filled the stage at 40 Watt.

1:21 PM

Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...


3:36 PM

Blogger tolar said...


5:18 PM

Blogger Leonard Hatred said...

nnhhell yeah! his athens show was great. when do tix go on sale?

5:20 PM

Blogger Rich said...

No idea. It's not even on the Fox's site yet. I'll see what I can find out.

5:21 PM

Anonymous Paul Curry said...

I would think that Variety Playhouse or Tabernacle would be the logical choice. Seems pretty optimistic on Alex's part to think Sufjan can fill up the Fox but we will see....

5:45 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Alex tells me that tix will go on sale either 7/15 or the following Saturday.

6:02 PM

Anonymous Lillian said...

Just wanted to give all you music-lovin', concert-goin' folks a heads up: Criminal Records is auctioning off a "season pass" for most* of Alex/OK Productions shows from July 9 through December 31, 2006. This includes the Sufjan Stevens show at the Fox. The season pass will be good for the auction winner plus a guest. The silent auction will take place at our Shannon Mulvaney fundraiser/celebrity roast shindig at the EARL on Saturday, July 8. In addition to the auction and raffle, there will be live music provided by the Liverhearts, Lennys, Johnny Knox, Roy Owens Jr, Anna Kramer, the Sweet Loves, the Selmanaires, and a one-time-only reunion of Seely. Tickets are $7.00 (available online at and at Criminal Records on July 1); all proceeds go directly to Shannon to help him pay off his medical expenses.

* The season pass does not include the Drive-Invasion and a few other yet-to-be announced shows, however. But, trust me, this season pass is a great deal (exactly how great depends on how many shows you go to in the next 5 months). As you already know, Alex books a lot of awesome shows around town, and we at Criminal Records are so grateful for his generosity. Yay for Alex! Hugs all around!

12:44 PM


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