Tuesday, June 27

Telegram - "Sugar Sugar"

Ever wonder what it might sound like if Morphine, The Forty-Fives, and Chris Isaak had a jam session? My hunch is that it might sound something Decatur, Georgia's own Telegram. Telegram is a trio including Troy Bieser (vocals, guitar, Fender Rhodes), Robert Henson (double bass, accordian, piano), and Jamie Shepard (drums, percussion). They've been together for a couple years and have gotten a good bit of attention from local press and radio. I was introduced to Telegram by C&T buddy Joe, who just further solidified his reputation for having a great ear. He let me borrow their album All the World Asleep Tonight and I've since been listening to it quite a bit. One track I've been playing a lot is the second on the album, titled "Sugar Sugar." It has a sexy jazz feel with a definite rock edge. I approve. Here it is for to test drive as well:

Telegram - Sugar Sugar

I can't help myself - one more killer track for good measure:

Telegram - 10,000 Kisses

We sure are lucky to have so much great music right here in ATL. Don't see any upcoming shows for these guys, but I'll keep my eyes open.

Be their friend on MySpace. For more music from Telegram or to purchase their CD, visit their official site. You can also get the album directly from CD Baby.

Bonus mp3:
Telegram - Carolina (live)


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I agree I love Telegram!

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