Monday, July 3

The C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. I: Atlanta Rock

Today C&T begins what will be a series of Atlanta music mix tapes. We'll begin by exploring a bit of the fine rock 'n roll music that the Peachtree City has to offer. Atlanta is fortunate to be the home of many fine rock bands of various styles. However, too few of them are known outside our fair city. I hope this compilation serves as an able introduction to some of them. For what it's worth, the music files linked below are all either free downloads from the artist's website or posted with permission.

While the selections here are tracks I'd categorize within the broad definition of "rock" there is a good deal of variation among them. Both post-punk (The Selmanaires, Black Lips) and melodic guitar rock (Jupiter Watts) are included, as are garage revival (The Woggles, The Forty-Fives) and straight-ahead rock (The Hiss, The Close). All the Saints draw on metal, and the Love Drunks may become your new favorite band to listen to while downing a cold PBR.

You can download the individual songs below. If you'd like to download the entire mixtape with proper track numbers, standardized file names, and a playlist (.m3u) file, you can do so via Rapidshare.

C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. I: Atlanta Rock
01. The Selmanaires - Selmanaire Rock
02. Ocha La Rocha - Occam's Razor (demo)
03. The Forty-Fives - Superpill
04. The Hiss - Back on the Radio
05. The Woggles - Got a Heat On
06. The Love Drunks - Blow
07. Jupiter Watts - Strange Things Happen Every Day
08. Black Lips - Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah
09. The Close - John Henry by Decision
10. The Orphins - Monochrome
11. All the Saints - Jesus is from Birmingham (demo)
12. Dropsonic - The Best Thing

All tracks: Rapidshare, 62mb.

If anything stands out or you'd like me to further explore a particular artist, please say so. If you don't see your favorite band here, they may well be showing up on one of the other mixes I've prepared. Still, feel free to make recommendations and inquiries. The indie/pop mix will be the next in line. Enjoy!


Anonymous musick said...

Great idea, Rich.

9:08 AM

Anonymous joe said...

wow. what a great compilation. One band that is missing on this list might be the best live band in town. Anna Kramer. At first you may not think she belongs here due to her soft side. But to anyone who has seen the live show, Adam, Anna and Shannon rock out better than anyone on this list, bar none. other that that, amighty fine list indeed. good job.

6:33 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Loved that track by Dropsonic. More please?

7:05 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Anna K. is gonna show up in the "twang" mix on Wednesday. I'd never ignore her. ;)

I'm with ya, her band rocks.

Kate, you got it. I'll try to give Dropsonic some more attention next week sometime.

7:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks again Rich for your contributions to this vibrant scene. We are so lucky to have all this talent here. You da man!

1:01 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ah, thanks Amy. I'm just trying to live up to your example. ;)

1:28 PM


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