Saturday, January 13

The EARL show announcements...

Patrick from The EARL in Atlanta has sent along some new dates. Damn good stuff coming, as usual. Here's a sampler with audio goodness:

Feb. 9 - The Woggles, Tiger! Tiger!, others

Mar. 13 - The Autumn Defense
The Autumn Defense - Tuesday Morning

Mar. 14 - Band of Horses
Band of Horses - Funeral

Mar. 16 - Maserati

Mar. 21 - Black Lips
Black Lips - Not a Problem

Mar. 24 - Bishop Allen
Bishop Allen - Tea for Two

Mar. 29 - The Shut-Ups
The Shut-Ups - Don't Know Why

Mar. 30 - Hope for Agoldensummer w/ Drakkar Sauna
Hope for Agoldensummer - Malt Liquor
Drakkar Sauna - O, God, I Have a Canoe

Apr. 4 - The Electric Six

Apr. 13 - Trans Am
Trans Am - Total Information Awareness

Apr. 15 - Junior Boys
Junior Boys - In the Morning

Apr. 20 - Acid Mothers Temple

May 10 - Mono w/ World End Girlfriend
Mono - The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain

May 11 - Grupo Fantasma
Grupo Fantasma - Laredo (featuring Baby G)

This certainly isn't a comprehensive list, just what caught my eye among the new dates. For the full schedule see The EARL's website and click on the monkey. You can also sign up there for their mailing list, which I highly recommend if you're in the Atlanta area. They're good folks, and they book great bands.


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