Friday, April 6

Black Lips in Creative Loafing

I imagine many of the ATL locals have already seen this (I read a copy yesterday at Manuel's Tavern during lunch), but I wanted to bring it up anyway. The boys in Black Lips are on the cover of Creative Loafing this week, and inside the issue there's a really nice article about the band by Mara Shalhoup. A choice excerpt:

The Black Lips' performance at Club de Ville ends up being decidedly tasteful – at least by Black Lips standards. Alexander spits in the air and catches the loog a few times, but he throws up only once, discretely, off the side of the stage. None of the boys make out with each other (though two of them will at their next gig, the second of the day's five). They don't beat the shit out of each other, either. And there's no trace of blood or urine, leaving the show's final tally of bodily fluids at a mere two.


Black Lips - Stranger


Anonymous janet said...

I guess we got a pretty tame show here in Nashville on Tuesday night - a little spitting and someone hauled the guitar player off the stage by the waist at the end of the show. Freaking rocked though - I can't wait for them to come back!

11:36 AM


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