Thursday, April 5

You feel like home to me

As she tends to do now and then, Athens singer-songwriter Madeline has seemingly taken over my car stereo. The catalyst this time was my recent (re)purchase of her 2003 split EP with The Dead Bird. I already owned it, but I'm a music geek and I found two used copies with the original hand-crafted packaging... so I had to buy them. Both.

From the Madeline/Dead Bird split EP:

Madeline - Home to Me
Madeline - Against the World and Losing the Battle (Faith)

More Madeline songs are available on her website. Her various older records are available from Valiant Death Records. Madeline's current release, The Slow Bang, is available from Orange Twin.

My recording of her February 3 CD release party can be had from

Bonus mp3:

Madeline - I Left the Light On [live 2-3-2007 @ 40 Watt, Athens]


Blogger alex said...

so hot

6:38 PM

Blogger Rich said...

It's science.

6:46 PM

Blogger CassieFace said...

I don't want to makeout with Madeline, but I totally want to makeout with her voice.

10:12 PM

Blogger Rich said...

You may have your chance soon. I *think* she's gonna be at Drunken Unicorn on May 4.

10:17 PM


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