Saturday, September 15

The Peach State, Paris, and Do Make Say Think

Canadian (mostly) instrumental post-rock outfit Do Make Say Think are headed to Georgia next week, and I've been informed it's a show I am not permitted to miss. Never seen them live myself, but I was told that they won the night a while back when they shared the stage with Broken Social Scene in Atlanta. Of course opinions are like pieholes and all, but that seems one heck of a compliment. The Dixie leg of the tour:

9/18 Carrboro Arts Center, Carrboro, NC
9/19 Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC
9/20 Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC
9/21 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
9/22 The EARL, Atlanta, GA

9/23 Jack Rabbits, Jacksonville, FL
9/24 The Social, Orlando, FL
9/25 Common Grounds, Gainesville, FL
9/26 Club Downunder, Tallahassee, FL
9/27 Chelsea's Cafe, Baton Rouge, LA

The full set of tour dates is available at Southern Records.


For a taste of the band in a live setting, here is an excellent recording of the recent Paris show, courtesy of the wonderful folks at the Live Music Archive:

Do Make Say Think
May 22, 2007
La Maroquinerie, Paris, France

01. (intro)
02. Outer Inner & Secret + Auberge le Mouton Noir
03. Reitschule
04. Herstory of Glory
05. Executioner Blues
06. Fredericia + The Landlord is Dead
07. A With Living
08. Horns of a Rabbit + The Universe
09. (intro) [NSFW]
10. A Tender History In Rust
11. Ontario Plates + In Mind

The taper reports that the set is truncated because he ran out of memory, but what's here is pretty damn nice. Impressive... most impressive.


Anonymous Amanda C said...

I have really liked what I've heard so far from these guys.
I just wonder how they will all fit on the EARL's stage.....

9:51 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Good call. I imagine the 40 Watt will be more suitable.

BTW, hi Amanda. I know we met once forever ago...

10:14 AM

Blogger Biggiec said...

they all fit. check out the photos I got:

3:17 PM


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