Tuesday, September 11

Titans of Filth - Feats of Strength EP

I recently picked up the current EP from Titans of Filth, Feats of Strength, and it has quickly worked its way into regular rotation. While the band's Best Behavior EP from last year was a good initial effort, this is a step up -- both the production and songs themselves indicate a band evolving in a positive direction.

The band is also to be credited for enlisting a couple of fellow Athens locals in the production -- Jason NeSmith of Casper & The Cookies produced and contributes guitar on one track, and Becky Brooks of Cars Can Be Blue (drummer Nate Mitchell's other project) sings on "Sympathetic Mind." It's a fine half-dozen tracks, and I'll be eager to see the band as it continues to evolve.

Titans of Filth - Swinging Lovers
Titans of Filth - Sympathetic Mind [with Becky Brooks]

Titans of Filth play the Caledonia Lounge in Athens on October 20. Their EP is available at Wuxtry Records or the usual outlets for digital downloads.


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