Sunday, September 16

Steve Rogers. Pimp.

They say that pimpin' ain't easy, but that's just because they're not Captain America and Falcon. For real, y'all.

From Captain America: Red, White, and Blue:

All this time it turns out the Red Skull's just a world class (Nazi) playa hater.


Since it's sorta related (the song title, at least), I'll take this opportunity to post another darling track from Seattle indie pop project Your Heart Breaks.

Your Heart Breaks - Captain My Captain

Godspeed, Cap [NSFW].


Anonymous Matthew said...

Captain My Captain is gorgeous. That fiddle is lovely. There's a few folky groups in London at the moment that sound a bit similar. Do you know Monkey Swallows the Universe? They're pretty nice, you might like them.

11:52 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Nope, sure don't -- I'll follow up on that. :)

11:55 AM

Anonymous Matthew said...

I'll post about them next week, but I'll email you some mp3s too.

5:15 AM


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