Friday, December 7

Hugs, not Uggs

Seriously, if I see one more girl in leggings and Ugg boots on campus I may implode. This appears to be a trend, and it needs to stop now.

Rather than merely whining about campus fashions, let's spend a moment reviewing some ladies who do have their acts together:

Jenny Owen Youngs - Voice on Tape
Georgie James - Cake Parade
Simone White - The Beep Beep Song
Eilen Jewell - How Long
Alison Rae - Birds

It's a regular Lilith Fair up in here.

Atlanta locals note that Andy Runton of Owly fame will be signing books at Criminal Records tomorrow (2-7pm), and Criminal will also be hosting a comic swap meet. Both events will mark the tenth anniversary of indie comics giant Top Shelf Productions.


Blogger Juliar said...

Best thing about graduating UGA and leaving Athens? Not being accosted by UGG-wearing girls nearly as often. Worst thing? No longer being within walking distance of the 40 Watt. Which is more painful?

1:03 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ah, but I work here. I'll have to tolerate them until they completely fall out of "fashion." Sigh.

Personally, I remain amazed at the number of people who continue to wear flip-flops with temperatures in the 30s-40s. If you're wearing a scarf and parka, put on some shoes.

1:14 PM

Blogger Chris said...

I don't know, Uggs are sounding pretty sweet - but I am in bitterly cold Minneapolis.

3:58 PM

Blogger Rich said...

But Chris... with tights?

5:40 PM

Blogger Katie said...

i hate uggs. uggs with tights of COURSE. but even uggs alone.

10:39 PM

Anonymous mike said...

girls in my town have started wearing uggs with SWEATPANTS. seriously. the sight of the sweatpants tucked into the uggs makes me want to gag every time i see it.

5:19 PM


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