Sunday, December 9

Kneel before OWLDOC!

This is Owly.

He is sweet, charming, and adorable.

This is MODOK, the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.

He is crazed, brilliant, and awesome.

Yesterday in the parallel universe that is Criminal Records, the pen of Andy Runton brought together these two seemingly irreconcilable forces. Now I present to you the result -- OWLDOC, the Overt Worm Lover Designed Only for Cuddling!

Kneel before OWLDOC!

Just look at Wormy with his little A.I.M. henchman outfit. Genius.

Thanks to Criminal, Andy Runton, and Chris Staros from Top Shelf for hosting the event!


Blogger Mithel said...

This is every kind of awesome. This, this is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

I think I'm going to cry with joy now.

4:51 PM

Blogger Rich said...

That was pretty much my reaction too.

You should see the one where Owly and Wormy are Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Wormy has the tattoo on his "chest" and everything.

4:53 PM

Blogger Short Sale Real Estate said...

Your artistic ability is incredible!

7:20 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I'm the "For Rich!" rather than the "- Andy Runton." All credit goes to Andy. I just scanned it.

7:53 PM

Blogger Lillian, Criminal Records said...

"Overt Worm Lover Designed Only for Cuddling" -- hilarious and so true! My favorite thing about Owly is that he's vegetarian. That just cracks me up and warms my heart. I love that owl!

11:39 AM

Blogger Rich said...

By the way, word is that MODOK himself has been made aware of this tribute. It is likely to be acknowledged on his very own blog in the near future.

I'll keep y'all posted.

11:45 AM


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