Sunday, January 27

The Black Lips at the library

The Black Lips last week at Georgia State University's library plaza, courtesy of GSU's Digital Arts Entertainment Lab:

Black Lips - Stranger
Black Lips - Not a Problem

Ain't no Black Lips show like an Atlanta Black Lips show.


Anonymous Nicki said...

An Athens Black Lips show might compare ;)

12:30 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Not the ones I've been to... but those have all been post-"banishment."

12:37 AM

Blogger Good4YourEyeHole said...

hey rich,

thanks for posting our clip! it was a hell of a show in the rain and freezing cold. folks still managed to break stuff and have a great time. it was awesome.

cheers, matt

8:25 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Thanks for sharing it, Matt. You guys are pretty darn awesome.

12:48 PM


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