Sunday, January 13

The Fiddler, original gangsta

Flash #123 was a milestone comic that brought together for the first time two generations of The Flash, the classic Flash of Earth-2 (Jay Garrick) and the second Flash from Earth-1 (Barry Allen). Its publication in 1961 established multiple Earths/universes in DC Comics, a concept that is now employed regularly by various publishers.

In that classic story, the two generations of The Flash fought a trio of villains from the home of the retired Flash from Earth-2. Along with The Shade and Thinker, they battled The Fiddler (Issac Bowin) -- a supervillain armed only with a Stradivarius violin, a suave sense of style, and a bitchin' ride. I guess if the band geeks get to be in ska bands, the orchestra kids can be criminal masterminds. But seriously... Fiddle Car!

Top that, Pimp My Ride

The Flashes can't resist his sweet, sweet music...

Exposition, exposition, exposition

But, alas, foiled again!

Hope it was insured...

Dude beat Johnny Cash and Ray Charles to prison by a good 4-5 years. That's some O.G. stuff right there.

Flash #123, by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino, is reprinted in DC's Flash: The Greatest Stories Ever Told.

Bonus mp3: Tony Ludiker - Say Old Man, Can You Play the Fiddle?


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