Sunday, February 3

Mechanical Bull - A Million Yesterdays

Well, crap. I drove from Athens to Atlanta last night to see Beat the Devil, only to learn that their van broke down and they didn't make it. Wound up seeing Cloverfield instead, which was underwhelming. At least I got to listen through some more albums while on the road.

Avalon Peacock and Chase Pierson of Mechanical Bull

Woodstock, New York, country/folk sextet Mechanical Bull released their A Million Yesterdays [buy] in November. The band's blog documents numerous positive reviews from press in their home state and beyond, and I'll join those voices with a qualification.

A Million Yesterdays is generally impressive -- the songwriting and instrumentation are top-notch, and the band pulls in master organist John Medeski to guest on "Luke Warm Coffee." Dual vocalists contribute to the record, with band head honcho Chase Pierson taking the male lead and Avalon Peacock the female vocals. Peacock's voice is angelic, and I wouldn't mind it featured more; that's primarily because I'm not as enamored with Pierson's singing. When it's understated and hushed it's effective, but at times his raspy vocals are too much like Widespread Panic's John Bell for my tastes. Certainly a promising sophomore effort with some real gems.

Mechanical Bull - Desert Air
Mechanical Bull - Luke Warm Coffee [w/ John Medeski]

To hear more from Mechanical Bull, check out their Myspace.


Blogger The Falconer said...

Rich is being very polite. Pierson's vocals sound like me singing--and NOBODY is going to pay to listen to me sing. The vocal potential is all with Peacock.

3:04 PM


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