Friday, February 29

Sleestaks, Chaka, and Will Ferrell

Whether during its original airing or in reruns, Land of the Lost was a TV favorite for a generation of kids. Its plot featuring Ranger Rick Marshall and his kids, Will and Holly, saw them trying to survive in a primitive, alien world populated by monsters, apemen, and the dreaded reptilian Sleestaks. Years after rumors of its production began, a July 17, 2009, release date has been announced for the Land of the Lost movie. The film will star Will Ferrell as Ranger Rick. Seriously.

The opening to Land of the Lost, circa 1974:

Bonus mp3: Tenacious D - Land of the Lost (theme) [live 10-21-2001]

Hat tip to Newsarama.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Production values! We don't need no production values!... Where's Jack Wild and H. R. Puffenstuff when you need them? Thanks for the Tenacious D tune. It really rocks.

9:21 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Funny thing is, I think the Ferrell version may keep some of the camp factor for laughs. I'm really curious how they'll pull that together.

9:34 PM


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