Wednesday, February 6

What is best in life?

I learned tonight that Marvel will be releasing the Iron Man: War Machine trade paperback in May, and decided to revisit Iron Man #281-#291 that will be included. It's a classic story arc in which Tony Stark leaves the scene and associate Jim Rhodes takes up the Iron Man mantle as the War Machine.

My review revealed a run that has lost some of its mojo, not holding up all that well over time. It's also a series of issues cluttered with early 1990s pop culture references, quotes from movies and commercials, and plot devices ripped off from popular films of the era. While a number of them were groan-inducing, one was so unexpected that I got a kick out of it. From Iron Man #284 (September 1992)...

Blacklash, Beetle, Spymaster, Blizzard, Constrictor

Don't recognize it? Here's a refresher:



Blogger sean witzke said...

I think that last guy's named "Constrictor" or something. Might be wrong though.

1:56 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Thanks! That was it. I thought it was something snake-ish. The outfit sorta gives it away.

6:10 AM


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