Sunday, February 10

Windfarm [Volume One]

It's not available for commercial sale, so I'd like to encourage C&T's readers to check out Windfarm [Volume One] here free of charge. It's a 15 track compilation of bands with connections to the city of Lubbock, Texas, including Athens favorites Sleepy Horses, distributed by Windfarm Records.

Windfarm [Volume One] is a nice introduction to the thriving music scene of a single Texas city. While the bands' sounds vary, they're generally in the indie-country-folk arena. Good stuff, and thanks to the label for providing the compilation.

01. Thrift Store Cowboys - Dirtied Your Knees
02. Dirty Charley Band - Black Yodel #1
03. One Wolf - Haunted
04. Lesley Sawyer - Four in the Morning
05. Jake Uhruh - It's All Wearing Thin
06. Anthony Garcia - Woman at the Well
07. Sleepy Horses - Down (Heart Will Break Your Fall)
08. Jeremy Nail - California
09. Burn the Wagon - Ride the River
10. Daniel Molina - Common Man's Son
11. Chaffin Poelings - She Already Knows
12. Amanda Shires - Keep It Close
13. Charlie Shafter Band - Medicine Man
14. Andy Martinez - Born in Blood
15. Waiting to Derail - Streetsigns in a Junkyard

Download the full compilation via Sendspace (86mb).


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