Saturday, March 1

LA Tool & Die - "My Brother In Law"

I've been intending to write a substantial review of the new record from LA Tool & Die, The Last Thorn of the Summer, for a while. I still intend to get to it, but I can no longer put off sharing one of the tracks. "My Brother In Law" is an ode to those folks we all know who are stuck on the music of their youth. They ignore the novel and innovative in favor of the comfortable and familiar; it's the sort of mindset that has fueled the classic rock radio industry for decades.

In "My Brother In Law" the culprit should be apparent. It features a former college radio DJ who is hung up on the music of his heyday, even ignoring the continued output of his former favorites. It's the closest thing to a novelty song on the record, but how can I not share something that references David Berman, Doug Martsch, and The Unicorns?

LA Tool & Die - My Brother In Law

To hear more from this Charlotte-based band, hit their Myspace.


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