Friday, April 25

Mini Marvels Digest on the way!

Over at Comic Book Resources, they have an interview with Mini Marvels creator Chris Giarrusso in which they discuss the forthcoming Mini Marvels Digest. Wait... there's a Mini Marvels Digest coming?!! I am... pleased.

Giarrusso's pint-size take on Marvel characters is always a pleasure to read, and I'm glad they'll be collected after appearing in various books and backup features. If you have little ones running around, these are fun for kids too.

Mini Marvels: Rock, Paper, Scissors Digest is now available for pre-order, and is due August 13.


Anonymous The Mild Mannered Secretary said...


Oh my god, there's cackling in the front office. I blame you and Mini Marvels.

3:19 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Nice! I'm a big fan of these strips. :)

4:19 PM

Blogger The Cable Guy said...

I think these are totally cool!

11:35 PM


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