Monday, April 14

New tunes from Atlanta's Silent Kids

I tried unsuccessfully to hunt down the new Silent Kids record, Dinosaurs Turn Into Birds, last week when I was in Atlanta. As one of the bands that piqued my interest in the local scene, I've been eagerly awaiting the follow-up to Tomorrow Waits. Now it's finally here.

In the time between the two records the band's lineup has changed, but they've remained true to the psych-pop for which they're known. The couple tracks from Dinosaurs Turn Into Birds that the band is sharing are full of hooks, fuzzy guitars, and synth sounds that perk my ears right up. Give 'em a (methaphorical) spin:

Silent Kids - Stars and Rust
Silent Kids - Neptunist's Revenge (Requiem for Alexander Von Humboldt)

The album is available from Two Sheds Music for $10, and is available at indie retailers around Atlanta. That is, when they can keep it in stock.


Blogger Sugarkane said...

Yeah, I've been trying to buy this album at a record store in Atlanta and i can't find it either.

1:06 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Just got an e-mail from Two Sheds, and they should get stock/re-stock out very soon.

1:10 AM

Blogger Alex Adan said...

So Brandon has to make up for Tracy and Beth? He'll have to bring it with the spring dresses

10:24 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Wait... is that a dare?

10:38 AM

Blogger Brandon said...

I will not be taking this dare. Unless Oakley wears fishnets. Then, maybe.

4:02 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Well, the dress thing worked for Deerhunter.

4:04 PM


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