Wednesday, June 4

The Black Lips at Other Music, NYC

Atlanta's Black Lips recently played an in-store at Other Music in NYC, and the store has made video of the set available to all. It has a few songs and a little bit of interview action to tide you over 'til the next show:

Their current album, Good Bad Not Evil, is now available.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i scored some tix to the hold steady at 40 watt in athens the other day. though i doubt they are a c&t band - figured i'd mention that tix are for sale.

9:58 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Yep, I saw they're coming but don't enjoy them much. Thanks for the heads up re: tix.

10:06 AM

Blogger Juliar said...

Ha, fun fun. "Do you have a blow dryer?"

4:33 PM


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