Monday, June 2

Chris Schweizer's 'Smokers of the Marvel Universe'

Over on his LiveJournal, Atlanta's own Chris Schweizer is sharing sketches of the smokers of the Marvel Universe.

Nick Fury is entirely too awesome.

Look for Schweizer's graphic novel Crogan's Vengeance from Oni Press this fall.


Anonymous Joel said...

10:09 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Yep, that's Fury from The Ultimates. Modeled on Sam Jackson.

10:17 PM

Anonymous Joel said...

Assume you saw the Fury Iron Man clip?

...and when you coming for a visit? I'll do my best to arrange another coup when you're here.

5:15 AM

Blogger Rich said...

You bet I did.

Not sure re: visit. How long are you over there? Shoot me a private e-mail and we can chat.

9:33 AM


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