Thursday, July 10

Atlanta! Comics! Events!

From Comic Book Comics #2 by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey

If you're in the market for funnybooks in the Atlanta area, there are a few events to scribble on the calendar. One is this weekend, while the other two are months away.

This weekend the Atlanta Comic Convention is on Sunday, July 13, at the Marriott in downtown Atlanta (11am-5pm). It's just a one-day show, but should be fun to browse and visit with some creators. Plus, admission is only $3 with the coupon from their website.

Later on, of course, is the famous Dragon*Con event in downtown Atlanta from August 29-September 1. The lineup of talent from film, television, literature, and comics for this one is coming together nicely. Tons of names pop out, including names from just about every major sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero show or film during the past four decades. I have to say that even with Adam West and others on the bill, I'd be most tongue-tied visiting with Firefly's Jewel Staite. Soooo completely adorable. The lineup of comics talent includes Peter David, Eric Powell, Mark Brooks, Cully Hamner, and others.

Wolverine's first appearance, from Incredible Hulk #180 (art by Herb Trimpe)

Also just announced is the upcoming Atlanta SuperCon from November 21-23. There will be a lot of announcements to come from this event, but so far they have booked the team behind Aqua Teen Hunger Force and classic Hulk artist Herb Trimpe among others. Really, I think it's worth the admission fee just to meet Frylock and Master Shake. Awesome.

Looks like north Georgia will have plenty of comics to go around for a while. In the meantime, I'm sure your local retailer would appreciate a visit. Happy reading!


Blogger Ryan said...

Thanks for the tip about the thing this Sunday. I'll have to go check it out! You going to be there?

1:13 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Not sure, but I might. If I do it'll probably just be to shop for bargains. Odds are I'll be walking around in a Cubs hat and black glasses, so I should be easy to spot.

1:16 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

Sounds good, man. I'm probably going to be a shameless whore and wear one of my T-Shirts with my blog name on it. If I see you around, I'll bug you for a minute!

1:34 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I just made plans to go and see Hellboy II afterward. So I should be there.

I'll look for the T-shirt. Maybe I'll add an "&T" to my Cubs hat. Or not.

1:37 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

I guess I missed you! Did you end up getting anything good?

1:09 AM

Blogger Rich said...

I was only there from 11-12. Just picked up a bunch of trade paperbacks.

Cap: New Deal
Thor Visionaries 1, 4, 5
Jack Kirby's Black Panther 2
Infinity Gauntlet
Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told
Thunderbolts: Marvel's Most Wanted
Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phx
Avengers West Coast: Vision Quest

And a couple others, I think, that aren't coming to mind. I put myself on a $100 budget and stopped once I got there. Didn't even browse the floppies.

I enjoyed Hellboy II as well. Not amazing (well, the visuals got there a few times), but good.

8:43 AM

Blogger Ryan said...

I posted up a recap of my day there and my purchases, if you want to check it out.

I still need to go see Hellboy 2, I was going to go last weekend but decided not to since I blew a fat stack of cash at ACC

12:06 PM


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