Tuesday, August 5

The Smittens - 'The Coolest Thing About Love'

Indie popsters The Smittens will make their way from Burlington, Vermont, to Athens Popfest in just over a week. They'll no doubt be bringing along their brand new album The Coolest Thing About Love just released on Happy Happy Birthday To Me. It's among my personal favorites for 2008. It's a wonderful album to close out the summer, as it's just saturated with warmth and irresistible hooks. Fans of twee will eat this up, and I'd recommend it to anybody with a taste for clever pop.

The Smittens - The Interstate
The Smittens - Gumdrops

I have to note the shouts to the Athens kids in "The Interstate." Let's prove them right at Popfest, eh? Their Myspace has more goodies.


Blogger Sara F. said...

They're also playing on the 14th at the Five Spot, for those who can't make the trek up to Athens (with One Happy Island and Amo Joy).

9:19 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Oh! Didn't realize that. Thanks!

10:17 AM


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