Saturday, July 1

The C&T Mix Tape Project

In recent months, I've found myself subject to one line of questioning above all others when ATL locals learn I maintain this space. Consistently and without fail, I field questions about the key local bands that might appeal to folks who don't immerse themselves in the area music scene. The learning curve is steep in a city such as this. It's obvious that few individuals are willing or able to devote the time and effort necessary to familiarize themselves with the scores of bands inhabiting our assorted clubs and bars. Over the course of the next week or so, I hope to provide some relief and information to those seeking to browse the sonic palette available here in Atlanta.

Beginning on Monday (7/3), I'll be offering a series of "mix tapes" here on C&T. Each will focus on a particular genre of music and feature only artists from here in Atlanta, Georgia. Genres represented will be rock, indie/pop, "twang", alternative, and pop/singer-songwriter. Despite Atlanta's rich hip-hop culture, I've excluded that genre altogether due to my own ignorance. I won't promise to include every band in the city, and chances are I may miss your favorite. Some I may not be familiar with, and others may not have had any free and legal music files online to share (yes, in 2006). Altogether, some 65-70 artists will be included. It should be a place to start, if nothing else.

The rock mix will be posted on Monday. I hope you guys enjoy the compilations and provide feedback on who deserves more attention. It's been fun putting them together.

Bonus mp3:
Butch Walker - Mixtape (acoustic) [via]


Blogger Kel aka Daddyo said...

The mix tape idea is brilliant and inspired me to say thank you. I recently moved to L5P and have much to learn about the ATL music scene. I read you daily, & you've been crucial to keeping me up on what's worth trekking outside my little comfort zone to discover new venues.
Bless you! Kel

8:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

great idea, rich. i am looking forward to the mix tapes. i am going to throw up a post over at metroblogging atlanta about it :-)

10:43 AM


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