Saturday, November 10

Peter Buck, comic book guy

From the Myspace archives of the fabulous Wuxtry Records here in Athens, Georgia...

Not only is that R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, but he's showing off a copy of Howard the Duck #1. Awesome.

R.E.M. - Superman

Note that the caption says Wuxtry was then located on Baxter rather than its current home at College & Clayton. I'm curious -- any locals know where that prior location was? Or was there a second shop?

As an aside, I completely forgot that a young Tim Robbins was in the Howard the Duck movie.

I bet he'd like to forget too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wuxtry used to havea location across from Brumby Hall on Baxter. In the 90s it was the Wuxtry coffee shop and used CD store, next to the bike shop and barber shop. The original Baxter Wuxtry may have incorporated part of the bike shop space, I'm not sure. Gordon probably remembers.

I occasionally worked in the "coffee shop" version of Wuxtry in the 90s - as pretty much any Wuxtry clerk had to work both the downtown location and the coffee shop at some point. Sadly, having record nerds working there could make for awkward coffee-making. For example, I don't even really drink coffee, much less have any knowledge on how to make a proper espresso. I remember some bitchy New York guy complaining about the quality of my espresso...

We also made sandwiches and smoothies, and I think we had ice cream, too. I started many a shift with a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of chili or soup. No comic books at that point in time, though. Lots of cool old classic Athens show fliers on the walls, though.

-- Karate Media

9:22 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Wow, great info. I'll have to pay attention next week when I'm over that way. I usually go up and down Baxter (Lumpkin -> Alps) at least once a week.

I'll add that I *do* drink coffee, and lots of it, and I can't do much more than turn on the coffee maker.

Thanks again for the info!

9:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it's gone now, so there's not much to see. I think the bike shop expanded into the space? It's been a couple of years since I drove by that area...

7:32 PM

Blogger Devlin Thompson said...

The comics moved downtown to the corner store in the late Fall of 1989, after the main store vacated it to assume its current location next door. We moved upstairs in the Spring of 1992, when "Wuxtry Comics" became "Bizarro-Wuxtry, as it remains to this day. The Baxter store kept the video rentals into the early '90s, had some of the used vinyl until about the same time, and as noted, became a coffee shop as its last iteration, until maybe '95(?). I think that it was gone before we started the earliest version of the OK coffee stand, but I frankly never had much to do with that part of the Wuxtry empire, so my testimony is of limited utility in that area.

7:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a bike shop for a while, but now it's a bright-green, impossible-to-miss thing called Beat the Bookstore, which is a, um, bookstore. But whatever. It's a place for trading in college textbooks and whatnot. I miss the Baxter Wuxtry, they used to consistently give me a dollar more than the downtown one for used CDs...

5:35 PM

Blogger W+B said...

any body remember the flamingo room?

6:58 PM

Blogger russianblue said...

I loved the flamingo room.We used to go there to get snickers pie. So yummy.

7:16 PM


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