Friday, November 9

The Beauty Shop

It's moments like this when checking some of my 2,989 unread e-mails totally pays off. Thanks to Wendy for the tip.

Looks like Kurt's not dead. He just moved to Illinois.

The Beauty Shop are a trio from Champaign who deserve some attention outside the Land of Lincoln. Their music is in the indie folk or Americana mold, but with punk influences that serve them well. If you've seen me rave about Sleepy Horses, Kid Dakota, Long Knives, or even Wilco, etc., you know I enjoy this sort of sound. Give 'em a spin:

The Beauty Shop - Like I Wasn't Even There
The Beauty Shop - Bad Place
The Beauty Shop - A Desperate Cry for Help

They have several releases available online.

The Beauty Shop were apparently in Athens just last month, and I had no idea. Grrr. They're currently out west and going back home through flyover country, so don't you make the same mistake.


Blogger Any major dude with half a heart said...

Oh, Desperate Cry For Help is one of my favourite songs of the year (yeah, I know, it came out last year, but I only discovered it around March, I think).

When I posted that track and another, neither attracted great numbers of download. Desperate Cry got a few more when I basically declared all my readers mad for ignoring it. I hope some of those who downloaded it became fans.

You have a great blog, by the way.

2:26 PM


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