Tuesday, November 6

Terry Eason - "Miracle Man"

Terry Eason is a pop artist from Minnesota, and one I might not have heard of if not for the excellent Minneapolis Public Radio 'Song of the Day' podcast. I'll admit that the track initially grabbed my attention because it shares its name with an enemy of the Fantastic Four, but I'm not sure Eason would mind. The City Pages of Minneapolis/St. Paul has likened him to both Tom Waits and They Might Be Giants, so the guy must have a sense of humor.

"Miracle Man" is a piano-based pop song with lyrics that don't quite match it's upbeat tone, but it's a nice first taste of Eason's output. Plus, I'm pretty sure it has kazoos. Winner!

Terry Eason - Miracle Man

His current release is Sentimental Vanity, which came out in October and is available from Jam Records.


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