Wednesday, December 5

C&T Cinema: Atlanta music and The Dark Knight

Word is in that The Selmanaires and Anna Kramer & The Lost Cause will share a CD release show on January 26 at The EARL. That is umpteen kinds of awesome.

Anna Kramer and Lost Cause - "I Don't Want to be Left Alone" [at GSU's DAEL]

The Selmanaires - Reason and Chance
Anna Kramer and The Lost Cause - When You See Him

Both have records due January 22 on International Hits.

On the comic-related front, the brilliant YouTube output of action figure theater genius ItsJustSomeRandomGuy continues, this time with a rare Brave and the Bold-style team-up featuring Batman and jolly old St. Nick.

Thank goodness for people who have free time.

Speaking of The Batman... Newsarama has revealed the new teaser poster for the The Dark Knight, due in July 2008.

Heath Ledger's version of The Joker (pic) may be something to behold.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so excited Rich. I nearly peed myself with the poster. Imagine the actual movie.

Emily R

10:58 PM

Blogger Rich said...

We're gonna have to get you some Huggies.

11:00 PM


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