Wednesday, May 6

Wolverine, Arnim Zola, Captain Marvel, and The Invisible Man by Drew Weing, Eleanor Davis, Michele Chidester, and Joey Weiser

I said in my previous post that I would post Robert's sketches from Free Comic Book Day last Saturday by Joey Weiser, Michele Chidester, Drew Weing, and Eleanor Davis. These feature Wolverine, The Invisible Man, Arnim Zola, and Captain Marvel, and they're pretty badass. Look at that Wolverine!

Many thanks to Robert B. for sharing these and allowing me to scan them.

Wolverine by Michele Chidester (watercolors)

The Invisible Man by Eleanor Davis (pen and ink)

Arnim Zola by Drew Weing (pen and ink)

Arnim Zola by Joey Weiser (colored pens)

Captain Marvel by Joey Weiser (colored pens)

See my sketches by these artists in my previous post.


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