Saturday, February 4

Kite Flying Society

Just noticed that IndiePages updated their featured demo page yesterday, and the new entry is a band from San Diego (which, of course, in German means "a whale's vagina") called Kite Flying Society. Let me say up front that I'd never heard of this band until 20 minutes ago. In fact, all their name brought to mind was Rushmore. After reading their bio on their MySpace page, it seems that may have been intentional. Go figure. IndiePages likens them to the Beach Boys, The Shins, and Magnetic Fields and elements of each are easily identifiable in the demo tracks. Their website also lists Fruit Bats, Rogue Wave, and the Velvet Underground as influences. This, my friends, is a recipe for music likely to appeal to yours truly. Here's hoping a release comes soon for these guys. I'd like to hear more.

IndiePages asks that you don't link directly to the mp3 files, so you can go grab them here. I know it's one more click but it's soooo worth it. At least check these guys out.

You stay classy, Planet Earth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These guys packed the Casbah (best indie club in SD) the other night and they lit the place up. A+, nice to see some fresh music.

6:34 PM

Anonymous Hector said...

Hmm...there was a pretty popular hardcore/screamo band by that name here in FL for many years, years ago. Based out of Orlando I think?

So this band def didn't have this idea first.

I'll give em a listen though, later on.

11:32 PM


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