Sunday, March 5

New Elephant 6 blog

Fellow Elephant 6 junkies... your attention, please.

Jeff, one of the fine folks at the E6 Townhall, has recently started a blog entirely devoted to the recordings, travels, and adventures of artists connected to the Elephant 6 collective. Great idea, eh? I sure as hell think so.

The blog is titled Optical Atlas, which not-quite-coincidentally also happens to be the name of an Olivia Tremor Control track. Oh, this is gonna be good. You can find it now linked in my sidebar.

So far they have already provided an entire Guppyboy album (proto-Essex Green) and a number of Masters of the Hemisphere rarities. Hell of a start, if I do say so myself. They have also just posted an interview with Derek Almstead, who is a current or former member of many E6 bands including Of Montreal, Circulatory System, Elf Power, and others. Derek discusses the forthcoming M(arshmallow) Coast album, the progress of Circulatory System's current effort, his experiences with Of Montreal, among other topics. Go check it out!

In other E6 news, Marshmallow Coast have made their entire OOP album Timesquare available for download track by track. A few E6 bands have also announced new tour dates, including a small run of reunion shows by Masters of the Hemisphere. As their last show together was in 2002, those of us within driving distance ought not miss out. That information can be found on Optical Atlas. Time to go add that Athens date to calendar...


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