Thursday, March 23

Tenement Halls

Confessions of a Music Addict today published a run-down of shows this week(end) here in Atlanta. Although she didn't list them, I'm planning to hit Of Montreal in Athens (Friday) and Jenny Lewis in Atlanta (Saturday). However, just today I received confirmation of another fun event on Saturday afternoon (3/25). Brass Castle and Tenement Halls will be playing a free outdoor show at 97 Estoria here in Atlanta (Cabbagetown, specifically). The show starts at 2pm, and I'm told there will be lots of beer and BBQ. I approve. On that note, I thought it might be an appropriate time to give Atlanta's own Tenement Halls a mention.

Pop/rock act Tenement Halls is primarily the project of Chris Lopez, formerly the frontman for Rock*A*Teens. The band has gained a reputation for lush, hook-laden pop and is establishing itself as a worth successor to Lopez's prior vehicle. Their current album is Knitting Needles and Bicycle Bells (2005), which is available from Merge Records or Amazon.

Tenement Halls - Plenty is Never Enough
Tenement Halls - Charlemagne
Tenement Halls - When the Swifts Come Home

You can also stream a couple other tracks on the Merge Records website.


Blogger Paulie said...

Damn you! My weekend was confusing enough, now I have to try and add this to the mix as well. :) [thanks for the 411]

Question for you: I've noticed that you seem to have Chicago ties. I'm going up to the Pitchfork Music Festival held in Chicago in July. The festival is in Union Park. If I wanted to try and get a hotel room near Union Park [walking distance], what name is given to that part of town?

8:02 AM

Blogger Rich said...

I'm going to the Pfork Fest as well. Woohoo. I'll ask some friends who've actually lived in the city about the Union Park thing. I need to know too, after all.

5:18 PM

Blogger LB said...

So I went to that Cabbagetown thing, but was already drunk when I got there, and it was cold, so I think I missed Tenement Halls. Another time, perhaps.

9:54 PM


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