Saturday, June 3

David Cross 11-17-2000 @ The EARL

How the hell did he dot the 'i'? Or not write in cursive, for that matter?

Damn, I love stumbling onto finds like this. Here we have a set by one of my favorite comedians, David Cross, at The EARL here in Atlanta. Um... yes, please!

David Cross is a native of the Atlanta area, and he makes frequent reference to this fact during the show. His stories about how he was treated living in Roswell are hilarious, as is just about every part of this set. He rips on protest singers, idiotic crowd members, the South, and religion with sharp ferocity. Not for the easily offended, but I laughed my ass off listening throughout his act. This is an audience recording, but it sounds just fine. I can't believe this took place at The EARL. Wow.

David Cross
November 17, 2000
Atlanta, Georgia

01. introduction
02. Protest Singer Ainsley McTree
03. Freebird
04. The South
05. Religion
06. Porn Convention
07. Going to Turkey
08. Las Vegas
09. The Most Surreal Thing and Egg Wave
10. American Way and the Bible
11. Promise Keepers

I noticed that Wikipedia says Cross has appeared in music videos by Yo La Tengo, Superchunk, New Pornographers, The Strokes, and The Black Keys. Holy crap. I had no idea. Now I think I like him even more.

Update: Links removed 12/28/2006.


Blogger Leah said...

What a great find Rich! I saw him with Ultra Baby Fat @ the 40 watt a few years ago & he was great!!

My favorite Atlanta refrence is in "Run Ronnie Run" when he wears a Clairmont Lounge shirt. Such an Atlanta in joke!

Thanks for posting this.

4:20 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I've never seen that! Off to go add it to the Netflix queue. Thanks for the reminder!

Oh, during hte show he mentions he had been in town to film a movie around that time. I think he has to mean Run Ronnie Run.

4:28 PM

Anonymous kate said...

I love David Cross! Mr. Show w/ Bob and David is awesome, but I think I like him even more as Tobias in Arrested Development. Thanks for this Rich! <3

10:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny stuff, thanks for posting!

1:18 AM

Blogger Byron said...

Great stuff. I was alone in the office today, so this really hit the spot.

3:39 PM

Anonymous Sarah said...

THANK YOU. Cross is by far my favorite comedian, and I'm always looking for more of his stuff. ♥ to you.

11:58 AM

Anonymous Erik said...

When David Cross was on Celebrity Poker Showdown, he wore a 688 Club T-Shirt one show.

As for the videos, I have seen him and Jeaneane Garafalo in Superchunk's "Hyper Enough" and he plays a smarmy DJ in the Strokes' "Juicebox"

7:34 PM

Blogger Rich said...

688 Club? Wow. Must have been an old, old shirt.

2:07 AM

Blogger Paulie said...

Bummer, I read this too late to get the goods...

Cross was spotted at the Flatiron in East Atlanta around Thanksgiving. Unfortunately I was not the one who spotted him.

8:46 AM


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