Monday, May 29

Modest Mouse 9-26-2001 @ Criminal Records

Fishermen often tell tales (truthful or otherwise) of "the one that got away." Today, and along the same lines, I'm sharing a show I just couldn't make. I remember being highly perturbed at the time, but I was in my first month of grad school and working harder than I ever had before. It was a grueling time and music had to stay on the back burner for a while. As a result, I wound up missing both an in-store and a full show by Modest Mouse on September 26, 2001, here in Atlanta. Dammit.

The "in-store" was actually in the parking lot of Criminal Records, where Modest Mouse played an acoustic set in the early evening before their show at the Variety Playhouse. Recently I was fortunate enough to come across a recording of that set. Now you too can listen to what was going on a few miles from my apartment while I was home reading piles of literature on research methodology, philosophy of science, and judicial politics.

Modest Mouse
September 26, 2001
Criminal Records
Atlanta, GA

01. Paper Thin Walls
02. Third Planet
03. Trailer Trash
04. Lives
05. Diggin' Holes in the Water [Ugly Casanova "cover"]
06. I Came as a Rat

Don't know the source info, but it sounds quite nice.

For all C&T's beautiful Atlanta friends, note there's some good stuff going on this week:

Tues, 5/30 - Film School, Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, My Siamese Self @ The EARL
Tues, 5/30 - Brandi Carlile @ Variety Playhouse
Weds, 5/31 - Ghostfinger @ Star Bar
Weds, 5/31 - Soul Position @ Drunken Unicorn
Thurs, 6/1 - A Hard Day's Night @ Screen on the Green, Piedmont Park (free)
Thurs, 6/1 - All The Saints, The Redkelly Band, Extra Blue Kind @ The EARL
Thurs, 6/1 - Colour Revolt, Manchester Orchestra @ 10 High


Anonymous musick said...

Since no one is commenting, I'll go ahead and plug All the Saints. Highly suggested!

2:48 PM

Blogger Rich said...

And I'll urge people to go see Ghostfinger.

GO SEE GHOSTFINGER AT STAR BAR ON WEDNESDAY! They're from Nashville, and they're badass. And I hear the live show is killer.

2:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the MM - I was there for both shows with BTS and the Criminal Records mini-set.

New to your blog - really have been enjoying it!!
Thanks again,

9:24 PM

Blogger Leah said...

I was at both of the shows & the mini-set too! I wish I could find a picture of the ridiculous wig they were all passing around. Very Blonde. Very much a mullet. Priceless!

5:38 PM


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