Wednesday, June 21

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals (live and otherwise)

For anyone who didn't have the pleasure of seeing Grace Potter & the Nocturnals at Bonnaroo, I have found a temporary solution. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, here is a video of Grace & co. performing "Nothing But the Water" at the 2005 Boston Music Awards. This is the song they closed with at Bonnaroo. Watch this. Wow.

I've also discovered that they participate in the Live Music Archive, which has a dozen of their shows available for download. You can bet I'll be spending some quality time there tomorrow.

Good *Lord* do I hope they make it to Atlanta soon.

Bonus mp3:
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Toothbrush and My Table

UPDATE: Even better -- the 'Roo set is now available for download!


Blogger Tessa said...

Speaking of live music archives, I had dinner with Mr. Slack last night and he mentioned needing to get in touch with you to help complete the archive he's working on for JLC (FOR the band of all their shows that they and assorted tapers have recorded). Just FYI.

10:21 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Huh. I doubt I have anything that's not on the LMA at this point. I suppose I can check if it'll help.

10:35 AM

Blogger Alex said...

at first I thought it was gonna be kinda lame, and the whole vocal solo wasnt really my thing.
then they started to rock. (i mean the drummer was seriously rocking and his whole drumset man!)

I loved the rock out, guitar solos and stuff. its worth it to sit through the video man!

10:43 PM


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