Tuesday, July 4

The C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. II: Atlanta Indie/Pop

First up... happy birthday America!

Now, on to the music...

Today on C&T we continue our exploration of Atlanta's music scene. While yesterday's rock mix included a bunch of bands likely to induce the throwing of either beer or horns, today I'm providing a taste of our indie and pop scene.

The bands featured here range from indie rock (Tenement Halls, Cassavetes, Jil Station) and psych-pop (Silent Kids, The Preakness, Yum Yum Tree, A Fir-Ju Well) to new wave (The Shut-Ups) and experimental pop (League of Evil, Manchester Orchestra). There's also a bit of Atlanta's finest power pop in the mix (Luigi, Magnapop, The Californias). Just about any of them will have you bobbin' your head in your car or cubicle.

Again, individual tracks are available below or you can download the entire mix from Rapidshare. The .zip package includes uniform track names, ID3 tags, and a playlist (.m3u) file.

C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. II: Atlanta Indie/Pop
01. Silent Kids - Drift Into the Summer
02. Manchester Orchestra - Alice and Interiors
03. League of Evil - Bull in a Candystore
04. A Fir-Ju Well - Together
05. Cassavetes - An Ancient Mistake
06. The Preakness - What They're Saying (demo)
07. Luigi - Mariposa
08. Magnapop - Satellite
09. Tenement Halls - Plenty is Never Enough
10. Jil Station - Behaviour
11. The Californias - Breaking My Heart
12. The Shut-Ups - Porn Crush
13. The Yum Yum Tree - Sweet Creature [low bitrate]

All tracks: Rapidshare, 60mb.

Special thanks to The Preakness for sending an unreleased demo (from their basement to your ears) for inclusion in this mix. FYI, they're at Lenny's this Saturday night (7/8) with Silent Kids and Jupiter Watts. In addition, Cabbagetown's own Tenement Halls is playing a free show at The EARL on Friday night (7/7).

Once again, feel free to let me know what stands out. I'd also encourage you to forward these mixes to the "civilians" in your life who might like to learn more about Atlanta music. I'm very fond of many of these bands and I imagine you might be too. Have at 'em. The "twang" mix is due up next...


Ben Wallace to the Bulls? Um... yes, please!

Jim James of My Morning Jacket reviews recent albums by Gnarls Barkley, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, and others (DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince!) for The New York Times. [via goldenfiddle]

If you're running around Atlanta on July 4th, note that Criminal Records in Little 5 Points will be serving vegetarian BBQ, sides, treats, and cold beer all day starting at 11am. They'll also have specials on several new releases for 7/4 (on the spot) and 7/11 (handing out coupons) including the new Johnny Cash and Thom Yorke releases. If I get motivated enough before the Braves-Cardinals game I'll probably pay 'em a visit.


Blogger The Falconer said...

Ben Wallace is 32 and about to begin his downward slide. I'm happy the Bulls will be paying all that money and not the Pistons.

2:51 PM

Anonymous greg said...

ben wallace still has a few good years left in him, me thinks. one thing about this move is that it could be a catalyst for other bigger name players to believe that it's ok to play for the bull again. i say, bring him on.

5:07 PM

Anonymous Sarah Essex said...

Cool Preakness song! I'll have to check them out this weekend.

10:38 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Right on, Sarah. The Preakness are off to a really great start. Really impressed me at Corndogorama. FYI, they also have the same bass player as Silent Kids.

10:43 AM


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