Wednesday, July 5

The C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. III: Atlanta Twang

Now that we've spent some time with Atlanta's rock and indie/pop communities, it's time to sample what I've dubbed our "twang" contingent. I'll fully admit I'm using the name as a catch-all here; it occurs to me that bands like rockabilly/psychobilly The Cogburns and Americana act Georgia Fireflies would only appear together on a compilation such as this. But hey, it is a mix tape, right?

As noted, there is a virtual hodge-podge of genres represented on the "twang" mix. Country is represented (The Bluejays), as are indie folk (Tova Rinah & the Way Home, Brodie Stove, The Beggars' Guild) and the kings of Atlanta's Redneck Underground movement (Slim Chance & the Convicts). Alt-country finds a home in the mix (National Grain, The Roy Owens Jr., Bouldercrest Singing Group), as do country-rock (Anna Kramer, Chickens and Pigs, Johnny Knox & Hi-Test, Nekkid) and rockabilly/psychobilly (The Cogburns, Sodajerk). That said, I'd say this mix is a good, food-stomping time from start to finish.

As with the prior entries, you can download individual tracks or grab the entire mix with proper track names, ID3 tags, and a playlist (.m3u) file via Rapidshare.

C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. III: Atlanta Twang
01. Tova Rinah and the Way Home - Dream (live)
02. Chickens and Pigs - Green Lights
03. National Grain - Pretty Women Won't Give Me the Time of Day
04. The Bluejays - I Saw the Light (demo)
05. Anna Kramer - I Can't Take It
06. Bouldercrest Singing Group - Nickel
07. Georgia Fireflies - Angeline the Baker [traditional]
08. Nekkid - Wildflower
09. Johnny Knox & Hi Test - Ain't I Been Good
10. The Beggar's Guild - Minnesota
11. Brodie Stove - Drift
12. Sodajerk - Heartache by the Numbers
13. The Cogburns - Southern Daisy
14. The Roy Owens Jr. - Bottom of the Sea
15. Slim Chance and the Convicts - I Hate to See You Go

All tracks: Rapidshare, 62mb.

The alternative mix is up next. Hope folks are enjoying these so far!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been thoroughly loving it. Big ups to you for posting, Rich. Thanks!

12:53 PM

Blogger Paulie said...

Great work Rich. I tried downloading today but got frustrated with RapidShare and then even more so when I found out that they employ popunder windows. Argh!

I'll keep reading for the knowledge, but won't attempt the downloads.


8:43 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Hey Paulie -- sorry Rapidshare is causing you problems. Waiting too long to enter the password? Nothing I can do about the popups though. Must be new. They didn't used to do that. :(

At least this stuff is up track by track too, I guess.

Gonna be at The EARL on Saturday?

1:05 PM


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