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The Pee-Pees 7-8-2006 @ The EARL *and* new Selmanaires!

Note: First off, my apologies that EZArchive was down most of the day. Out of my hands, you know. Seems to be back online now.

Herb Harris of The Pee-Pees (The Selmanaires). Photo by Alex Adan.

If you read my review of the Shannon Mulvaney benefit show last weekend, you've already seen me gush about how much fun the Pee-Pees' set was that evening. You've also already seen me point out that The Pee-Pees were in fact Atlanta's own Selmanaires playing a "secret" show under another name.

The Pee-Pees are supposedly a flamboyant dance band from Lyon, France, who for some reason wear disguises on stage. Regardless, they put on one heck of a fun show. They came out and treated the crowd at The EARL to a set of mostly covers, only one of which I'm aware The Selmanaires had played in the past. Regardless, here's the set so you can check it out for yourself. If you were at The EARL that night, I know you're gonna want to grab this:

The Pee-Pees (The Selmanaires)
July 8, 2006
Atlanta, GA

01. Pee-Pees' Theme Song (aka Pee-Pee Rock) *
02. Moody ^
03. Miss You #
04. banter
05. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy $
06. Agua de Baber %
07. banter
08. Danger @
09. banter
10. Havah Nagilah **
11. banter
12. Pee-Pees' Theme Song Reprise *
13. applause

* Herb on bass, Tommy on guitar
^ E.S.G. cover; Herb on cowbell; tommy on bass and drum
# Rolling Stones cover
$ Rod the Mod Stewart cover; dedicated to Shannon Mulvaney
% Antonio Carlos Jobim cover
@ Pylon cover
** traditional; with Herb on drums, Tommy on guitar, Jason on melodica

You can also download the entire set at once via YouSendIt (link good for a week). Oh, and I hear it's even more fun if you listen to it in disguise. Feel free to send in pictures.

In other Selmanaires news, the band also posted a couple of new demos on their MySpace today. The band reports that each was recorded for a possible 7" release that never came to be. One is for "GMAFB," which they've been playing live since at least February, and the other is for an instrumental called "The Air Salesman."

The rollicking "GMAFB" is a fun rocker, and this version sounds like it was recorded in one live take. I wonder if it was, however, because there is a prominent cowbell and what sounds like organ in a few places -- additional instruments that I'm not sure the band could pull off in one take unless they were aided by extra personnel. The vocals sound a little distant, however, which again makes me thing it was simply recorded live. Either way, it's nice to have another version of the song that I didn't tape at a club.

The Selmanaires - GMAFB (demo; NSFW lyrics)

"The Air Salesman" is a mid-tempo instrumental, with a prominent organ and bass. There are also what sound like shakers, wood block, and even a sitar in the mix. Perhaps an accordian too? What is that tone? To me, this track sounds like something that would be blaring out the car windows of a '70s TV detective. I bet it would sound even better on an 8-track than as an mp3. Notably, it's the first instrumental I've heard them play since their "Man from UNKLE" cover and the original "Mid-Afternoon Motionless" some months ago. Hopefully they'll bust out some more at their afternoon acoustic show on August 6.

The Selmanaires - The Air Salesman (demo)

For more Selmanaires stuff, see their MySpace.

Bonus mp3:
The Selmanaires - Selmanaire Rock
The Selmanaires - In the Direction of Yes

Bonus, bonus mp3 (for Amy):
Pylon - Danger
Pylon - Feast on My Heart


Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Thanks Rich! I wish Pylon would put Danger and my favorite "Feast On My Heart" on their Myspace page. Did I ever tell you about the time the Marietta cops busted a friend for smoking a joint after chasing him into the club, up on the stage and around the musicians while they played Danger? They then chased him out the other side and the band never missed a beat! I always think about that when I hear it. The song needs a really loud lurking bass but kudos to the Selmanaires for playing it.

7:30 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Amy, are you serious? That's a hell of a story. Ha!

I'll see what I can do about those Pylon songs you wanna hear. God bless my ridiculous music library...

7:34 PM

Blogger Sloan Simpson said...

This reminds me to dig up some of the Pylon shows I recorded last year. I'll probably throw one up on my site next week.

1:11 PM

Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Thank you my friend! Yes it happened just as I said. I remember looking over at Murray Attaway (from Gaudalcanal Diary) after it like "Did we both just imagine that and wasn't that perfect?"
I saw several of the reunion shows last year and they sure did not disappoint. Vanessa still twirls like a madwoamn, Lachowski dances and lurks with the bass and Randy Bewley hasn't aged a bit...
Gyrate, baby!!

3:07 PM


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