Monday, July 10

Kite Flying Society album pre-sale!

After several months of waiting patiently, I am happy to announce that C&T favorites (and pop marvels) Kite Flying Society have officially made their forthcoming album available for pre-sale. Oh, happy day! While the official release date is July 28, if you pre-order it before that date you will receive not only the album, titled Where is the Glow?, but also a bonus 3-track CD of songs that didn't make the release. The band reports that this pre-sale period is the only chance to pick up the bonus CD, so get your copy now. This is one of my most anticipated releases of the year, so I expect it will be worth it.

To date I have only heard what demos the band has released, but they've been kind enough to send along a version of "If I Could Split" from Where is the Glow? for download here on C&T.

Kite Flying Society - If I Could Split

The pre-order can be made at this page and requires payment via Paypal. International folks, they'll accommodate you too. There's contact info on that page. Spread the word, y'all.

For more on Kite Flying Society, see their MySpace page or official site.


Local country-rocker (and another C&T favorite) Anna Kramer is on the cover of this month's edition of Southeast Performer magazine, which dubs her "the new voice of Atlanta." Sounds good to me. You can read the cover story here.

Pete M. wrote in to let me know that the Man Man/Fiery Furnaces show from June 30 is now available for download as one big mp3 thanks to NPR. You can grab each set here.

While I've known that Sufjan Stevens will be in Atlanta on Sept. 20 at the Fox (thanks, Alex!), the full slate of tour dates is now available. You can go see them at Pitchfork.

New Tom Petty tour dates are also available, including a September 22 date in Atlanta with The Strokes supporting. Full set of dates here via Live Daily, including dates with Trey Anastasio, Frank Black, The Allman Brothers Band, or John Mayer playing with Petty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

didn't there used to be a screamo band from the nineties called kiteflying society? are there members from that band in this band? if not, that sucks!

5:15 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Yep, they broke up. And apparently there are at least four bands with that same name out there. Go figure.

Behold the power of Rushmore, I guess.

6:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

may the best KFS win!

12:37 AM


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