Thursday, July 6

The C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. IV: Atlanta Alternative

Admittedly, "alternative" is a bit of a meaningless label. That said, today's mix represents what for the moment I'll call alternative bands from Atlanta's vibrant music scene. Many of these bands could have just as easily been included in the rock or indie mixes, but were included here due to practical constraints.

Several rockin' bands are included (KillGordon, Snowden, Aviator). There is a bit of dream pop (The Blue Hour), pop-punk (The Swear), Southern-tinged rock (Gates of Berlin), and even a touch of hip-hop (Heavy Mojo). Creve Coeur, Y.O.U., and Rantings of Eva sound as if they're ready to jump straight from this mix onto the FM dial. The pained acoustic contribution by Sovus Radio is a standout, as is the sexy little number by jazz/rock act Telegram. Apologies that the Slack Republic tune isn't an original, but that's all they had available as a free/legal download.

Individual tracks can be snagged below. You can also download the entire mixtape via Rapidshare complete with uniform track names, ID3 tags, and a playlist (.m3u) file.

C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. IV: Atlanta Alternative
01. Aviator - Villain
02. Creve Coeur - 5th and Incident
03. KillGordon - In the Know
04. Rantings of Eva - Still Holding On (demo)
05. Sovus Radio - Love as a Bruise
06. Snowden - Anti-Anti
07. The Blue Hour - So Vivid
08. Heavy Mojo - Streets
09. Y.O.U. - Moviekiss
10. Telegram - Sugar Sugar
11. Gates of Berlin - Can't Get Off
12. The Swear - The Sleep Inside
13. The Slack Republic - Sweet Dreams [Eurythmics cover]

All tracks: Rapidshare, 60mb.

I should note that responses to e-mail, etc., won't be coming the next couple days. I'm heading up to Nashville to see The Woggles and The Clutters at Exit/In with Joe and Ian. My first time seeing each band, and I'm excited.

Bonus mp3:
The Woggles - Got a Heat On
The Clutters - Oh!
The Clutters - Clash City Girl
The Clutters - Are You Ready for the Country? [Neil Young cover]


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